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Mexican Pride

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Last week, two of our games were featured in a special featuring by the Apple App Store called “Mexican Pride”:

  1. Spirits of Spring: This game is a co production between Minority Media and Larva GS. The game was released in October 2014 only for the App Store and rapidly became one of the Mexican gamer’s favorite. The development of this game took around 3 years. In the early days the game was known as Silent Enemy and it changed a lot since the first concept. Initially the game was intended to be for PS Vita. The gameplay was designed exclusively for the Vita’s front and back touchpad. During different iterations by Minority, the game started to change one of the major changes was the end platform. The game came out in October as an App Store exclusive.Developing this game was an incredible experience, we loved working with Minority and learned so much from them.Find more information about this game here.
  2. Night Vigilante: This is Larva Game Studios’ first released original IP. The game is the story of Nolan Vileno, a guy that was framed and incarcerated for a crime he didn’t commit. After escaping jail he became a vigilante for his own city and starts fighting thief, thugs and organized crime. This game came out this year for Google Play and the App Store.Creating this game was a huge challenge, we wanted to get a very original look and feel for the game and simulate printed comic books to have the best possible experience. This game was published by Kedoo Group.Find more about this game here.